Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas


Let the gift giving begin, we all love Christmas and why? Well because of the gifts just face it, that's exactly why we love it. No need to lie about it or even try to re-frame from telling the truth. But wouldn't it be really nice to give away gifts in exchange for BETTER gifts. Yes I know you would love that, because I would too. Nothing beats getting a lousy gift and then giving it away in exchange for something you wanted all along. I will let you know the best ways to exchange a gift for an even better one that you like.


Play a game like Guess WHO,
you can ask questions and your family has to guess who or what it is that your asking, in order to receive a gift, or the gift that they want. Try to be fair and not make it extremely hard remember it is the holidays and you want to still have love, peace and joy in the house. You can ask about athletes, presidents, etc. Let it all be in the fun of the times, no being over aggressive.

Play Cards

Card games are the best to play during the holidays, there
are Soo many to choose from. And with family it always makes
the game fun, where there are lot's of people enjoying it and,
there are gifts involved. You can play UNO, Hearts,etc. When a person wins they get to choose which gift they want to either open, or which one they want to exchange with another person. It's all in fun, maybe you'll even get to keep the gift. Or you can make up a card game, who doesn't make games nowadays. You could even use your iphone, ipad, or ipod to see if there is an app for that( LOL ).


Play A Trivia Game
Pick your favorite trivia game that you usually play with the family, such as jeopardy, or a board game, which ever works for your family. Start off with something the whole family will
know and understand, don't advance it if you know that there are young ones trying to play as well. If there are only older ones then you play something that is a little more advanced. There are so much trivia games on apps, that you can pick from.   

 Play Fair exchange
If someone wants to give you something you  
have to give them back something of equal 
 value. It's  fair, because you cannot give some-
one a pair of gloves and you have electronics, that's 
not too fair. You can continue until you have found things 
that you like and don't feel like exchanging anymore. But 
it's all about being fair, you cannot, get something that 
you want  and then  stop playing. Although this game may 
cause a lot of confusion and frustration, it's still good to 
see what your willing to give up to make someone else 
happy. But I don't completely recommend this game 
because you'll have a lot of upset people in the end. 
Stick to the fun stuff, and just remember it is the 
holidays, and you just want to have fun and that's all. 

ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

How To Memorize Faster

How to memorize faster 
  • READ:             
Yes, reading is the most important thing that I do when it comes to memorizing. How will you ever memorize your notes or your books if you don’t read anything. You need to read anything and everything you can when it comes to your school work, trust me I know. So I read all the information given to me, and I write my own notes. What’s the harm in writing your own notes? Actually nothing, because at least you understand your own notes, because their yours. So when you read a lot, you’ll retain enough information to memorize everything that you need to know.

  • LISTENING:     
Listening may not be what you want to hear, but it does help to listen. Just by listening to someone you can definitely memorize a lot of things. Like if a teacher tells you a story about a topic you are learning in class, that can help when your looking for ways to memorize what you need to learn. You’ll be able to recall what the professor said, just by listening to what there saying. Just like when your listening to music, and you want to remember all the words.

Repeating anything and everything you learn can be beneficial to you in the long run. It’s like when your listening to the radio, and they play the same song OVER and OVER again. You eventually start to memorize the song, even if you don’t like it. So even if what your learning it’s fun or interesting if you continue to repeat it, eventually you will understand it. Also, your notes always read over it more than once maybe even 3-4 times. The more you read some thing the more you’ll eventually understand it. Your mind needs to continue to see, hear, or read something for a great deal of time before you get it. You don’t just learn by doing something once, remember practice makes perfect. The more you do the more you learn and understand.

I personally like this one, but if you don’t understand what your teaching, then don’t try and confuse someone. But, if you understand what your teaching someone then your on the right track. Teaching others helps you remember, things that you didn’t know before. It’s like when you tutor someone, you’ll get better and better at the topic if you teach others how to do it. You’ll even get better at the topic you teach, because you’ll always retain the information that you learn.

This works for some people and not for others, so it’s fine if you cannot comprehend this particular memory technique. If you are memorizing a full text of stuff, try to image a picture that it represents. I have read a lot of research studies that say a memorizing technique is to connect things with pictures. Say you are reading a story about trees if you picture a tree when you read the story, then you’ll eventually always remember that the story has something to do with a tree. You’ll say to yourself, OH!! I remember this story, it’s about some old tree. Or if you have multiple things you need to remember, then you can picture them. I am a computer engineering student who have to remember a lot of equations and items. So, every time I have to remember something like say a SODRIMM I’ll picture something like butterflies, because a SODIMM chip has many little designs on it that remind me of a butterfly. Now you don’t have to use this specifically, but that’s just me. Some people even picture things like birds, or colors. It just helps people remember these things better.

I have used this >>>>>>>>> Memorizing Techniques for sometime now. It helps me as a college student who needs to better focus and memorize and retain information. This website does help, and I know other people who use it. This is only a suggestion.

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